Monday 27th – Friday 31st May 2024

  1. The American Corner, Port Harcourt, carried out three (3) programs in the week under review.
    • 1st Program: Conversation with a Diplomat: Fostering Unity Amidst Diversity: The program equipped participants with knowledge on becoming advocates for inclusive policies and practices within their organizations and communities, promoting broader systemic change in society. The program also focused on a profound impact on participants, providing numerous benefits that extend personally and professionally.
    • 2nd Program: Employability webinar program, thriving career opportunity for youths in farming: The program aimed to inspire and equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue successful careers in the agricultural sector. This program highlighted the diverse opportunities available in modern farming and agriculture’s essential role in sustainable development.
    • 3rd Program: Education-USA program: The program provided information to participants on undergraduate and postgraduate admission processes and scholarship opportunities in the United States of America. The program attracted participants from the University and neighbouring communities.
  2. One Hundred and Thirty-Four (134) researchers patronized the American Corner in the week under review. They were from the Departments of Microbiology, Library and Information Science, Nursing, Anatomy, Medicine and Surgery, Fine Arts and Design, Sociology, Music, Linguistics and Communication Studies.
  3. On Thursday, 29th May 2024, The University Librarian, Prof. Helen U. Emasealu, received the following book donations for library retention.
    • In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message’’ By Abd-Ru-Shin – Five (5) copies.
    • The Ten Commandments of God: “The Lord’s Prayer’’ Explained by Abd-Ru-Shin – Five (5) copies.

The management of Donald Ekong Library appreciates the donors for the kind gesture and urges other scholars and Library patrons to donate books, journals, and audio-visual materials to enrich the Library’s resources and promote further research.

  1. The Knowledge Commons (for undergraduates) and the Research Commons (for postgraduates) sections on the first floor of the Library are open to those who wish to access the Library’s electronic resources using the ICT facilities in the Library. Similarly, the Elsevier training laboratory on the second floor has internet access to all subscribed databases and is open to faculty members.
  2. The Library has received an update on proceedings in its Science Direct Database. The database provides researchers and registered library users with information resources for scientific, technical, and medical research. It offers full-text journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and 11,000 books.
  3. The Library has received an update on its OnePetro Database with the new content. The database provides registered Faculty members and researchers with information on the oil and gas exploration and production industry.
  4. The Library has received an update on its HS Talks Database with new content: The database provides registered faculty members and researchers multimedia materials ranging from videos, audio, and animated audio-visual lectures centered on biomedical and life sciences and the business and management disciplines.
  5. Weekly statistics of the patronage of Donald Ekong Library showed an 11% decrease from Nine thousand Four- Hundred users (9,400) in the previous week to 8,346 users in the current week.

Postscript: For a real-time response to information about the Library and its collections, Library users can access the virtual librarian chatbot on the Library’s website:  Parting Shot: The Library is a veritable source of knowledge. Therefore, staff and students are encouraged to seek knowledge regularly using Donald Ekong Library learning resources.


Donald Ekong Library communication channels for remote access are as follows:

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Prof. Helen U. Emasealu, cln
University Librarian

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