Monday 25th –Thursday 28th March 2024.


  1. On Monday, 25th March 2024, the American Corner, Port Harcourt, organized four Programs.
    • 1st Program: Employability Webinar: Stand-Out, Don’t Blend in: Winning Moves in the Business Jungle. This program aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, strategies, and tactics needed to help distinguish them and succeed in competitive business environments.
    • 2nd Program: Artificial Intelligence: How to Make Use of AI Programs and Packages. This program focuses on equipping participants with how to use AI programs and packages with valuable skills, knowledge, experiences, and opportunities to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence. The program also served as a foundation to continue the learning journey in AI to explore advanced topics, participate in AI communities, attend conferences and workshops, pursue certifications, and stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in technology.
    • 3rd Program: EducationUSA Orientation: The program offered information on tertiary education opportunities and admission procedures in the USA. Participants were also provided information on scholarship opportunities by the program coordinator.
    • 4th Program: Speak with a Diplomat: This program is designed to engage participants in discussions and negotiations on international relations, diplomatic affairs, and matters of global significance in addressing international issues through diplomatic channels.
  2. One Hundred and Forty-eight (148) researchers patronized the American Corner in the week under review. They were from the Faculties of Engineering, Sciences, Media and Communication Studies, Computing, Education, Law, Social Science and Basic Medical Sciences.
  3. The Knowledge Commons (for undergraduates) and the Research Commons (for postgraduates) sections on the first floor of the Library are open to those who wish to access the Library’s electronic resources using the ICT facilities in the Library. Similarly, the Elsevier training laboratory on the second floor has internet access to all subscribed databases and is open to faculty members.
  4. The library has received the update of its Springer Link Database with the new content. The database provides registered faculty members and researchers with millions of journals, books, works, and proceedings for all disciplines.
  5. The library has received an update of its OnePetro Database with the new content. The database provides registered Faculty members and researchers with information on the oil and gas exploration and production industry.

  1. The weekly statistics of the patronage of Donald Ekong Library showed a 12% increase from six thousand eight hundred and fourteen users (6,814) in the previous week to 7,643 users in the current week.

Season’s Greetings:

As Easter break commences, we extend our warmest wishes to all staff and students for a restful and enjoyable holiday. May this time be a renewal and reflection that brings peace, joy, and an enjoyable Easter break.


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Parting Shot: The library is a veritable source of knowledge. Therefore, staff and students are encouraged to seek knowledge regularly using Donald Ekong Library learning resources.

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