Monday 11th – Friday 15th March 2024

  1. On Wednesday, 13th March 2024, the American Corner, Port Harcourt, organized four programs:
    1st Program: Getting Starting with Artificial Intelligence: This program provided participants with a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence both theoretical foundations and practical insights into AI development and applications. The program also showcased a real-world application of AI across various industries like healthcare, finance, and autonomous vehicles. Highlight the impact of AI on innovation and job roles.
    2nd program: Educational USA Orientation: The program provided valuable insights and guidance to participants interested in pursuing educational opportunities in the United States of America.
    3rd Program: Cultural Exchange: Nigeria-US Primary School Connection: This program was designed to foster cultural understanding and collaboration between students from Nigeria and the United States at the primary school level. The program seeks to inspire and empower students to become global citizens who can navigate diverse environments, embrace cultural differences, and contribute positively to society. Throughout the program, students were engaged in various activities such as interactive workshops, cultural presentations, group discussions, and collaborative projects. The following schools were featured.
        • University Demonstration Primary School
        • Cita International School
        • Mercy Girls High School
        • Priesthood International School
  • 4th Program: Unleashing her Potentials: Nurturing Girls and Women Leaders of Tomorrow in Nigeria: The topic provided participants with focus on empowering and supporting girls and women in Nigeria to become leaders in various fields. It also addressed the challenges they face, such as limited access to education, cultural norms, gender-based violence, and economic disparities which aims at creating a more inclusive and equitable society where girls and women can fulfill their potential as leaders and contribute meaningfully to Nigeria’s development.

A total number of One Hundred and Sixty-Six (166) researchers patronized the resources and services offered at the American Corner. These researchers represented diverse academic backgrounds, including the Faculty of Education, Science, Management Sciences, and School of Science Laboratory Technology.

  1. On Tuesday 12th March 2024, The University Librarian Prof. Helen Emasealu participated in the 45th Matriculation of 2023/2024 academic session of the University. The ceremony marked the official induction of new students into the academic community, symbolizing the beginning of their educational journey at the university.
  2. The Knowledge Commons (for undergraduates) and the Research Commons (for postgraduates) sections on the first floor of the library are open to those who wish to access the Library’s electronic resources using the ICT facilities in the Library. Similarly, the Elsevier training laboratory on the second floor has internet access to all subscribed databases and is open to faculty member.
  3. The Library has received an update of its Scopus Database with the new content. The database provides registered Faculty members and researchers with the most extensive abstract and cited database on peer-reviewed literature and information materials across disciplines.
  4. The Library has received an update on its Science Direct Database. The database provides researchers and registered library users with information resources for scientific, technical, and medical research. It offers full-text journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and 11,000 books.
  5. Weekly statistics of the patronage of Donald Ekong Library showed a 12% decrease from 7,803 in the previous week to 6,814 users in the current week.
  6. The Donald E.U. Ekong Library, supporting reading, learning, and research activities, has acquired additional research databases under the Other Educational Resources (OER) initiative. These databases are:
        • DIVA – Digital Scientific Archive
        • DART-Europe
        • EThOS
        • The Network Digital Library of Thesis and Dissertations (NDLTD)
        • ProQuest (Kindly note that users must come to the library for registration with their institutional email to access ProQuest). These databases can be accessed at the library website via:

Supplementary Information: The Library is a veritable source of knowledge. Therefore, staff and students are encouraged to seek knowledge regularly using Donald Ekong Library learning resources. Kindly note that the dedicated staff of the Library are waiting eagerly to continue rendering quality service in our firstrate Library rich in books, journals, e-resources, and other research materials. For a real-time response to information about the Library and its collections, library users can access the virtual librarian Chat-bot on the website of the Library as follows:

Donald Ekong Library communication channels for remote access are as follows:

Phone: +2349138269564
Facebook: uniportlibrary
 LinkedIn: Uniport library
 Twitter: @uniportlibrary
 YouTube: Uniportlibrary

Prof. Helen U. Emasealu, cln
 University Librarian

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