Monday 2nd – Friday 6th October 2023


  1. On Tuesday, 3rd and Wednesday, 4th October 2023, the American Corner, Port Harcourt, organized two programs:
      • 1st Program: Building Professional Presentation Skills. Participants were taken through the methods and techniques for building professional presentation skills. The interactive approach was adopted during the session to keep the participants involved. After that, it was time for questions and answers.
      • 2nd Program: Education USA Orientation. The program offered information on tertiary education opportunities and admission procedures in the USA. Participants were also provided information on scholarship opportunities by the program coordinator.

Forty-six (46) participants attended the two programmes. They were from the Faculties of Basic Medical Sciences, Education, Humanities, Engineering and Management Science.

  1. On Thursday, 5th October 2023, Dr. Glory Edet, on behalf of the University Librarian, Dr. Helen Emasealu, received fifty (50) students of the Faculty of Education from the Post Senior Secondary Certificate Examination Programme (PSSCE). Mr. Uche Agholor took the students on the practical component of EDU 100: Use of Library.
  1. On Friday, 6th October 2023, the Library Digitization Committee, headed by Mr. Stanislaus Ezeonye, met in the office of the University Librarian, Dr. Helen U. Emasealu, to provide an update on the library digitisation project. The four-stage plan designed to facilitate the transition from physical to electronic records is as follows:
      • digitization and upload of Uniport theses and dissertations,
      • conversion of administrative records to e-format,
      • creation of access points to local research materials and
      • sustainability and management of online resources.

The University Librarian commended members of the Committee for their commitment. She urged the Committee to work closely with other units of the Library. She expressed that the digitization initiative will facilitate the launch of the Institutional Repository (IR) and create a platform for open access to research materials.

  1. The Knowledge Commons (for undergraduates) and the Research Commons (for postgraduates) sections on the first floor of the Library are open to those who wish to access the Library’s electronic resources using the ICT facilities in the Library. Similarly, the Elsevier training laboratory on the second floor has internet access to all subscribed databases and is open to faculty members.
  1. The library has received an update of its EBSCOHost Database with the new content., which provides researchers and registered Faculty members with information materials that cut across such academic disciplines as science, social sciences and technology.
  1. The Library has received an update of its Scopus Database with the new content. The database provides registered Faculty members and researchers with the most extensive abstract and cited database on peer-reviewed literature and information materials across disciplines.
  1. Weekly statistics of the patronage of Donald Ekong Library showed a 77.7% increase from 923 users in the previous week to 1,640 users in the current week. The University Library is in full operation and welcomes all patrons.

Supplementary Information:

The dedicated staff of Donald Ekong Library are waiting eagerly to continue rendering quality service in our first-rate Library rich in books, journals, e-resources, and other research materials. Please visit the Library:

Donald Ekong Library communication channels for remote access are as follows:

Phone: +2349138269564
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Dr. Helen U. Emasealu, CLN
University Librarian 

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